Dana Kay Nelkin

Professor of Philosophy


Hello and welcome to my website!  I am a Professor and Chair of the Philosophy Department at the University of California, San Diego.  Here you can find links to papers and abstracts, course syllabi, my CV, and more.


-The Oxford Handbook of Moral Responsibility,  co-edited with Derk Pereboom, is in press and will be available in 2022 from Oxford University Press! 


-Click here for information on The Moral Judgments Project.  Our article, "Sensitivity to Shifts in Probability of Harm and Benefit in Moral Dilemmas", has been published in Cognition (2021).  


Some Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Non-Consequentialist Principles Under Conditions of Uncertainty: A Framework” (with Sam Rickless), The Trolley Problem: Classic Philosophical Arguments,edited by Hallvard Lillehammer (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)

"Relationships and Responsibility" The Oxford Handbook on Moral Repsonsibility, edited by Dana Kay Nelkin and Derk Pereboom (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).       

"How Much to Blame?: An Asymmetry Between the Norms of Self-Blame and Other-Blame" Self-Blame and Moral Responsibility,  edited by Andreas Brekke Carlsson (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).

"Equal Opportunity: A Unifying Framework for Moral, Aesthetic, and Epistemic Responsibility" Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society (2020).

 "What Should the Voting Age Be?" The Journal of Practical Ethics  (2020).  

 "Rational Belief and Statistical Evidence: Blame, Bias, and the Law", The Lottery Paradox, edited by Igor Douven (Cambridge University Press, (2021).  

Recent and Upcoming Presentations

"Informed Consent and Responsible Agency"
Centre for Moral, Social and Political Theory Seminar, Australian National University
December 8, 2021

"Control and Quaity of Will: Concepts and Conceptions"
The Centre for Moral & Political Philosophy Annual Conference, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
June 21, 2021  

"Control and Quality of Will: Concepts and Conceptions" 
University of California Davis
May 7, 2021   

"Informed Consent and Responsible Agency"
Health Care and Responsibility Workshop, Oxford Uehiro Centre
April 28, 2021