Dana Kay Nelkin

Professor of Philosophy

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Current Courses

Some Recent Courses

Graduate Seminar on Risk, Responsibility, and Morality (with Sam Rickless)  

Moral Psychology 

Graduate Seminar on Free Will : Topics and Problems (with Manuel Vargas)        

Law and Society

Graduate Seminar: Kinds of Responsibility?: Moral, Aesthetic, Epistemic

Philosophy of Religion

Special Topics in Bioethics: Capacity and Consent

Biomedical Ethics

Graduate Seminar: Deliberation and Reasons-Responsiveness

Freshman Seminar: Free Will and Film


Graduate Seminar (co-taught with David Brink): Blame

Contemporary Moral Issues

Graduate Seminar: Friendship, Freedom, and Morality

Graduate Seminar (co-taught with Sam Rickless): The Metaphysics and Ethics of Omissions